petition against the U.S. War on and Economic Blockade of Cuba

The parliamentary petition (e-5014) against the U.S. War on and Economic Blockade of Cuba is now open for signatures. The petition initiated is sponsored by Gabriel Ste-Marie, a member of Canada’s parliament for the constituency of Joliette in Quebec. 

Emphasising the profound ties between the people of Quebec and Canada with the people of Cuba, the petition calls on the Government of Canada to take specific steps in opposing U.S. attacks on the heroic island nation, especially by directly requesting that the Government of the United States remove Cuba from the arbitrary and specious U.S. Department of State’s State Sponsors of Terrorism list. It further calls on the Government of Canada to ensure that Ottawa’s policy and relations with Cuba remain based on equality, mutual respect and support for the right of self-determination. 

Petition e-5014 is in the spirit of previous CNC petitions (e-3456 and e-3640) when thousands declared that Cuba is not alone by signing the parliamentary petition condemning Washington’s economic war and campaign of subversion. Canadians have a profound respect and admiration for the people of Cuba. Irrespective of their political or ideological positions, Canadians stand for the building of genuine friendship with the island nation: relations based on mutual respect, equality and recognition of Cuba’s right to self-determination and sovereignty.

We call on all Canadian citizens and residents, especially those one-million annual visitors who have seen Cuba for themselves, to sign the petition demanding the end of the economic war and campaign of subversion against the people of Cuba. By gathering as many signatures as possible a powerful and clear message can be sent to Ottawa.

To sign the petition, go to:

¡Cuba sí, bloqueo no!



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