About the CNC


Since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Canadians have maintained a strong sense of friendship and solidarity with the people of Cuba. Although Canadian government policy has cooled and warmed over the decades, we have refused to follow the cruel and unjust U.S. policy toward this Caribbean nation.

From this solidarity portal, you can connect with other Canadians in your area who are working to strengthen ties of friendship between our two countries. Check this site first for ongoing national cooperation on Cuba-related campaigns and activities.

If you have a story to share of your experiences in Cuba, we would be pleased to hear from you. Consider submitting your story for publication on this site in our features section.

This network has been formed to bring together Canadians who share an affection for Cuba and Cubans. Your participation will strengthen the ties that connect our two nations.

Donations to support our ongoing work (media campaigns, solidarity actions, visiting speakers and cultural events) are very much appreciated.

Mission and History

The Canadian Network on Cuba was founded on September 6, 2002. We are committed to the strengthening of friendship and solidarity between the peoples of Canada and Cuba. To this end, we work with the Cuban Institute for Friendship Amongst the Peoples and (ICAP) and other international and national partners in order to promote social, cultural, political and economic relations between Canada and Cuba on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference. We:

  • initiate, co-ordinate and co-operate in cultural, educational, political and aid campaigns and projects involving Canada and Cuba.
  • counter media and other distortions of Cuban reality by disseminating information about the achievements of the Cuban revolution in areas such as education, public health, culture, democracy and human rights.
  • work to improve Canadian foreign policy on Cuba.

Our First Press Release

Sept. 6, 2002

“An historic event in Canadian solidarity relations with Cuba,” was how co-organizers Nino Pagliccia and Marvin Glass summed up the Labour day weekend founding convention of the Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC). They noted that, along with representatives of many trade unions, NGOs and political parties, nine of the eleven Canada-Cuba solidarity groups (outside of Quebec) were present. “And,” said Glass and Pagliccia, “the unanimous votes on every issue of organization structure and campaign direction clearly exhibited the unity of analysis and purpose of these good friends of Cuba.”

Awaiting membership ratification at the local level, the convention set up an interim cross-Canada Coordinating Committee and adopted two main political campaigns: (1) in solidarity with the five Cuban anti-terrorists unjustly imprisoned in the U.S.; and (2) in opposition to the U.S. blockade on Cuba in all its forms, including the cases of the conviction of Canadian businessman James Sabzali and Canada’s shameful vote in Geneva attacking Cuba on the issue of human rights.

Special guests at the convention included the Cuban Ambassador and other Embassy officials, the 1st Vice President and other officials from the Cuban Institute for Friendship Amongst the Peoples (ICAP), a representative of the South African High Commission and Olga Carrara of the Quebec-Cuba solidarity coalition.

Join the CNC

Do you wish to:

  • keep informed;
  • contribute to the national unity of Canada/Cuba friendship;
  • host visiting professional and cultural delegations from Cuba in your community;
  • make a difference in relations between our two countries;
  • expand your personal horizons from the collective experience of our membership and Cuban friends.

If so and you agree with the aims and objectives of the CNC Declaration and By-Laws for:

  • Full voting membership, open to organizations except for for-profit commercial organizations;
  • Non-voting associate membership, open to for-profit businesses.

Please accept this invitation to join the cross-Canada organization for friendship with Cuba.