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CNC Declaration

Approved at the CNC Convention of Sept 4, 2006


    Since the early days of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, many Canadians and Canadian organizations have supported the far-reaching and progressive achievements of the Cuban people. A number of these individuals and groups came together in the fall of 2002 to establish The Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC). The CNC believes that Cuba’s efforts to eliminate illiteracy, poverty, racism and gender inequality through measures such as universal education and health care, its internationalist compassion, vision and dedication, its commitment to the individual, the community and to democracy--all these achievements deserve to be defended. And we also believe they must be actively defended because Cuban sovereignty has been continually threatened by a number of governments, particularly that of the U.S.A. These threats have been military, e.g., an invasion and countless acts of terrorism, and economic, e.g., the illegal and immoral Blockade. Just as we defend Canada’s right to self-determination, so, too, we support Cuba’s sovereign right to choose its own path to development, without outside pressure or interference.
    We are committed to the strengthening of friendship and solidarity between the peoples of Canada and Cuba. To this end, we work with the Cuban Institute for Friendship Amongst the Peoples and (ICAP) and other international and national partners in order to promote social, cultural, political and economic relations between Canada and Cuba on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference. We: .
    • initiate, co-ordinate and co-operate in cultural, educational, political and aid campaigns and projects involving Canada and Cuba.
    • counter media and other distortions of Cuban reality by disseminating information about the achievements of the Cuban revolution in areas such as education, public health, culture, democracy and human rights. .
    • work to improve Canadian foreign policy on Cuba .


    CNC Full Membership

    Open to any organization, including friendship and solidarity groups, trade unions, political parties and non-governmental groups (other than those eligible only for Associate Member status) that agrees with and abides by the CNC Declaration and pays membership dues. Normally, applications for Full Membership must be accompanied by a recommendation from an existing Full Member group. Full member organizations have voting rights based on the principle of one organization, one vote.

    CNC Associate Membership

    Open to any individual, non-membership based group and group that has travel, tour or other for-profit commercial connections with Cuba and agrees with and abides by the CNC Declaration and pays membership dues. Associate Members are permitted to participate in all CNC discussions but are excluded from voting. Normally, applications must be accompanied by a recommendation from either an existing Full or Associate CNC member.

    Admission to the CNC as a Full Member requires a majority of the vote of the CNC member representatives. Admission to the CNC as an Associate Member requires a majority of the vote of the CNC Executive.

    Any Full or Associate Member that, in speech or deed, violates the Declaration of the CNC or fails to pay membership dues may be expelled by a two-thirds vote of the Full Member organizations of the CNC.

    Changes to the Declaration or Membership Regulations require a two-thirds vote at the CNC convention.

    Membership Dues

    CNC dues shall be collected annually at a rate of $150 per year for Full Members and $75 for Associate Members.

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