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Update on CNC Fundraising effort! Cuba Fights COVID-19 Around the World, has raised $44,000 thus far! Print E-mail
June 4, 2020

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to be writing to let you know that our fundraising effort: Cuba Fights COVID-19 Around the World, with the help of the webinar Shining the Light on Cuba's Medical Solidarity: has reached the mark of $44,000. We are delighted to have reached this mark so quickly, at a time of turbulence and widespread instabilities.

Donors are no doubt aware of the fact that in contributing to this effort on behalf of Cuba we are doing so overwhelmingly as Canadians who know Cuba and Cubans perhaps as well as any other non-Cubans know that great country.

We know of its highly-educated, well-mannered, cultured and generous people, who from the beginning of their changed society have faced and peacefully defied the relentless, mainly ruthless, often illegal attacks from the world's most powerful country.

Cuba is demonstrating yet again its scientific ability to help, in it’s usual sharing way, by developing therapies such as Recombinant Interferon Alfa 2B, in which 80 countries are to this point putting their hopes for some success in the fight against the new Coronavirus.

Canada and the United .States. could make that number 81 and 82 respectively, perhaps greatly to their benefit. But even now, the U.S. has tightened and is constantly seeking ways to further tighten its asphyxiating measures against the Caribbean island. I am writing to our federal government in the hope that it will join in the spirit of our campaign and contribute materially to its success.

Cuba's scientific and social achievements confirm what we have always known: that Cuba unfailingly uses whatever help it receives from us and from other humanitarian sources and multiplies them for the benefit of humanity. Canadians from all parts of the country have confidence in Cuba. Thanks for your greatly appreciated help for our campaign. We hope that you will find it possible to continue working for its success, and to fell good about saving lives.

Virtual hugs,
Keith Ellis, Coordinator Canadian Network on Cuba's Campaign to Support Cuba's Contribution to the World's Fight Against COVID-19
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