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On the occasion of his 89th birthday, we offer our appreciation and admiration, our thanks and fraternal love to Fidel.

Fidel is a teacher; like no one else he knows factual details and the truth, and like a prophet he forecasts what the world can be.

Fidel exemplifies political leadership; as leader he has collaboratively guided the processes of basic change.

Fidel is a part of history; he has never been alone, and is in fact joined with the personalities and arc of history. We think of  José Martí and Cuba’s struggle for independence and social justice.

Fidel is pragmatic and not wedded to dogma; like few other leaders, he has the intelligence and judgment to base his ideas of action on real needs,  but also on changing needs and realities.

Fidel inspires. The vision of Latin American integration, which Fidel has promoted for so many years, imagines dignity and solidarity. Fidel’s dreams gave birth to the battle of ideas, urging us to stand with the world’s poor and oppressed people.

Fidel raised the banner of dignity for the Cuban people; the formidable odds against his political projects, set mostly by the power of Cuba’s grasping, imperial neighbor, served in no uncertain terms to validate the ascendant quality of his leadership.

¡Viva Fidel!

¡Felicidades! from Let Cuba Live Committee of Maine

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