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STATEMENT RE: FBI Harassment of Members of Cuba Solidarity Committee (CSC) of Puerto Rico Print E-mail

Resistance, Resilience and Renewal: Cuba Commemorates Moncada Print E-mail
By Isaac Saney

July 26, 2022, marks the 69th anniversary of the act that is annually celebrated all over Cuba as the beginning of the movement and struggle that paved the way for the Cuban Revolution. On that day, Cuba’s rebels - led by Fidel Castro - rose up against the U.S.- supported dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista.

63 Years of Revolution: 63 Years of Independence, Justice and Human Dignity! Print E-mail

January 1st, 2022, marks the 63rd anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, when the people of Cuba led by Fidel Castro, seized their destiny in their own hands, affirming and exercising their right to self-determination, authentic freedom, and human dignity. The Canadian Network On Cuba (CNC) on behalf of the Canada-Cuba friendship and solidarity movement, sends to the people of Cuba, the Cuban government and Cuba’s revolutionary leadership our warmest greetings on this occasion.

CNC Statement: ¡Fidel: His Legacy Lives On! Print E-mail

Today, November 25, 2021, marks the 5th anniversary of the physical death of Fidel Castro, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution. While, in keeping with his wishes, no statues or monuments have been erected nor streets or buildings named in his honour, it is clear that his legacy transcends mere physical trappings.

The most fitting monument to Fidel is the Cuban Revolution, which continues undeterred and undaunted along the path of independence, social justice, human dignity and internationalism forged under his revolutionary leadership. Inspired by Fidel's principled and dignified example, the Cuban people continue to successfully resist the empire and its unrelenting malignant war against the heroic island nation.

As many have pointed out, no words can truly convey the singular meaning of Fidel. His significance extends far beyond the geographical boundaries of Cuba. He is present in every struggle to bring into being a better world.

¡Fidel Presente, Siempre! Fidel Is Ever Present!

On behalf of the Canadian Network on Cuba,

Isaac Saney

CNC Co-Chair & National-spokesperson

U.S. Prepares New Attack On Cuba: Canada Must Uphold the Right of Self-Determination! Print E-mail

-Isaac Saney, CNC Spokesperson, November 10, 2021-

On November 15th a series of U.S. orchestrated and financed provocations are planned against Cuba with the explicit aim of subverting the island’s constitutional order, so as to create a pretext for the intensification of the U.S. economic war and justify possible military intervention. The Canadian Network On Cuba (CNC) denounces Washington’s campaign of destabilization and subversion against the sovereign government of Cuba. These efforts to bring about so-called “regime change” are a flagrant, blatant, and unconscionable violation of the right of self-determination of the people of Cuba.


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