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63 Years of Revolution: 63 Years of Independence, Justice and Human Dignity! Print E-mail

January 1st, 2022, marks the 63rd anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, when the people of Cuba led by Fidel Castro, seized their destiny in their own hands, affirming and exercising their right to self-determination, authentic freedom, and human dignity. The Canadian Network On Cuba (CNC) on behalf of the Canada-Cuba friendship and solidarity movement, sends to the people of Cuba, the Cuban government and Cuba’s revolutionary leadership our warmest greetings on this occasion.

In 2021, Cuba weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an example to the world by achieving one of the world's highest rates of vaccination through its own vaccines, which, with its immense generosity and dedication to internationalism, it now offers to the entire planet. Cuba's success is a direct and profound challenge to the global vaccine apartheid being imposed by western pharmaceutical monopolies and imperialist states.

In the past year, the Cuban people have also confronted and defeated a concerted U.S. imperialist orchestrated, organised and financed destabilization campaign. These nefarious and internationally condemned actions were aided and abetted here in Canada, among others, by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's malicious, scurrilous, and incessant disinformation against the heroic island nation. Canadians rejected this shameful and naked alignment with the criminal U.S. war against Cuba as thousands signed various parliamentary petitions condemning Washington’s economic war and campaign of subversion and calling on the government of Canada to take concrete and meaningful steps in opposing the U.S. war on Cuba.

The CNC once more re-affirms the inalienable right of all peoples and countries to determine their future and their political, economic, and social system without external interference.

The CNC is confident that the Cuban people will overcome the challenges they face - particularly, the criminal and immoral economic and financial blockade imposed by U.S. imperialism. 

As the Cuban people continue marching on the path of independence, sovereignty, social justice, self-determination, and human dignity, they are not alone as solidarity and support for the Cuban Revolution continues to grow and deepen across the world. 

¡Viva la Revolución Cubana!
On behalf of the Canadian Network on Cuba
Isaac Saney, CNC Co-Chair & National Spokesperson

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