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Published on July 28th 2015 in the Toronto Star

Re: An in-line society in an online era, printed July 25, 2015

I was saddened and to read this shallow and negative article about Cuban lineups. How sad to see this article, particularly on the eve of one of Cuba’s important dates: July 26 commemorating the attack on the dictator Batista’s Moncada barracks. The Cubans are celebrating 62 years of defending independence, justice and dignity.

Yet, the Star chose to re-print a trivial and critical article from the May 31 Washington Post. The Cuban athletes just finished participating in the Pan Am games, winning 96 medals and standing fourth, an outstanding achievement for a small country, yet the Star stoops to write about lineups in Cuba.

Are you not aware of the 50-year-plus U.S. economic blockade against Cuba and its effects on the economy and the availability of goods, and the blockades impact on internet service which in Cuba has to depend on satellites?

And what about lineups in Toronto? I have stood in long lineups for our overcrowded transit at rush hour, at Tim Hortons, banks, license renewal offices, and, yes, even at the supermarkets.

Rather than re-publishing negative articles about Cuba from the United States, why not write about the important things that Cuba has accomplished in its free education system, the environment, sports and culture and its remarkable international humanitarian medical assistance around the world?

Elizabeth Hill, president
Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association, Toronto


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