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The CNC participates in and / or coordinates various projects and campaigns relating to Cuba. Currently, our focus lies with the case of the Cuban Five, patriots who infiltrated terrorist organizations in Miami in an effort to defend their country (an action made necessary by U.S. unwillingness to prevent those groups from launching violent acts against Cuba from U.S. soil). 

Of vital importance are efforts to educate the Canadian public, the media and political figures who have some influence over Canada's Cuba policy. To that end, the CNC is constantly seeking ways to connect with political figures, cultivating contacts with the media and promoting our message -that of an alternative view of Cuba- with Canadians. 

We encourage all friends of Cuba to take up the pen and answer unjust coverage of Cuba in your local newspapers, television and other media. Use our website as a resource for background information you can utilize for your own letters to the editor; to politicians and all those who repeat U.S. propaganda rather than seek the truth.


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