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Hurricane Matthew Appeal

Canadian Cuban Friendship Association – Vancouver
Affiliated with the Canadian Network on Cuba

Dear Members and Friends

As you probably have heard, incredibly powerful Hurricane Matthew has devastated the eastern tip of Cuba. Particularly hard hit has been the beautiful town of Baracoa that lies literally at the “end of the road”. Of course the Cuban people are coming together, as usual, to support those communities affected. At the same time, cognizant of the economic challenges faced by Cuba as a result of the continuing economic blockade by the USA, many countries and citizens of the world are acting in solidarity with those Cubans in the affected region.

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October 14, 2016

It is with good reason that those of us who love and support Cuba or who are capable of human empathy, and are just humanitarians, feel great anxiety when we hear of a tropical storm approaching the Caribbean.  The odds are that that storm, nurtured by the warmth of that sea, will grow into a hurricane of violent or even disastrous proportions.  Great are the odds too that it will attack one or more of the several islands countries that come to life there, doing damage to them that is vastly disproportionate to what they can afford to repair.

Media Release - October 16, 2016 Print E-mail

Hurricane Matthew Relief & Reconstruction for Cuba Campaign, October 16, 2016

Hurricane Matthew, with winds of 225 km/h (140mph), struck eastern Cuba on October 4, causing significant and widespread damage.  Because of Cuba’s internationally renowned and acclaimed civil defense system, there was no loss of life. However, Baracoa, Cuba’s oldest city and known internationally as one of the most beautiful parts of the island, has been devastated. With a population of more than 80,000, Baracoa has been reduced to rubble.   Baracoa resident Osvaldo Neira poignantly underscored the situation, declaring, "We lost everything.


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