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The Sixth Congress will be one of all the membership and of all the people Print E-mail

To date, this Integral Cooperation Agreement between Cuba and Venezuela has constituted the fundamental basis for the consolidation of our links

Speech given by General of the Army Raúl Castro Ruz, second secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Councils of State and Ministers, in the event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Cuba-Venezuela Integral Cooperation Agreement, at the International Conference Center, November 8, 2010, Year 52 of the Revolution

Cubans comment on the upcoming 6th Congress Print E-mail

THE 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba will take place in April of next year and the only topic of discussion will be the analysis of the country's economic and social model. Prior to the Congress, from December 2010 through February 2011, a process of popular debate will unfold based on a fundamental Party document entitled The Economic and Social Policy Development Project, which is already in the hands of the people, a sampling of whose opinions Granma offers.


It's up to young people to directly involve themselves in all of the discussions, confident that the Revolution will not leave anyone abandoned, while these changes are necessary in order to move forward, because the work of one worker cannot be done by three, because wages need to allow us to meet our basic needs, and we can achieve all of this with efficiency and productivity. That must be our analysis.(Reyquiel Suárez, welder at the Cuban Steel Works)


The country is living through a time of profound change and the ideas expressed by the Party membership and the people in general will enrich the policy development project and contribute to making sound decisions during the Congress. Within this context, science and technology are called upon to become the driving force of economic progress and to take on a much more active role in food production, the development of new products and services, the substitution of imports, the expansion of exports and environmental care. (Lilliam Alvarez, Doctor of Physical-Chemical Science and a member of the Cuban Academy of Science)


The Revolution will emerge from this process stronger than ever. The updating of the Cuban economic model is an unavoidable necessity, which every Cuban must support. The future of the homeland over the coming years depends on us. We have an historic leadership, led by Fidel and Raúl, which has brought us this far victoriously and, with these measures, I am sure that we will have Socialist Revolution for ever. (Pablo Gattorno Gónzalez, Villa Clara mechanic)


I am convinced that this great event will give direction to the country's future and set standards, basically, in the economic and the social areas. And that from prior discussion of the directives, essential ideas will emerge and contribute to the enrichment of the principal document at the Congress, an event much anticipated by Cubans. (Marcelo Marcial, retired and a member of the Party in Matanzas)


The 6th Congress will consider issues related to the agricultural sector given their relevance to the solution of current economic problems. We have to seek solutions to our problems without looking elsewhere, as we have done in our cooperative. Little by little, we have diversified, as the country has directed, the use of our lands. In this way we can assure ourselves of fresh milk and of fattening bulls. And we take care of the feed for our animals here, too. (Eduardo Hernández Ortega, campesino in Habana province)


The Revolution will emerge stronger from this process. It has to update the economic model and get in tune with current conditions and with our own particularities, craft a made-to-order suit in search of greater efficiency. This process has a precedent in Camagüey, when Raúl called on us to be more productive and efficient, to use material and financial resources more rationally.

At that time, people began to be asked about how we wanted our model of development to function. This dialogue is ongoing and will gain momentum with the Party's 6th Congress, as an eloquent example of democracy. (Eduardo Cueto, National Association of Economists and Accountants in Camagüey)


How do we want our society and our lives to be? Herein lies the paramount importance for all Cubans of this process of openly discussing the directives of the Economic and Social Policy Development Project. What is important is that it will not only be a discussion within the Party membership but within Cuban society as a whole. As has happened on many occasions, the people will again be the great protagonist, contributing opinions and suggestions, actively participating in the search for solutions to problems, one more example of our genuine socialist democracy. (Dr José Rubiera, head of the Meteorological Institute's Forecast Center)


All of Cuba's people should be aware of the importance the 6th Congress will have; it will serve as a guide during the coming years. It will be fundamental to the definition of our future, not just economically, but socially as well. For sports specifically, it means defining future strategies, in order to maintain our stature and continue to perform at a high level. (Yamilka Rodríguez, athlete)


Discussing the Economic and Social Policy Development Project will give us the opportunity to perfect our socialism and rectify errors that we may have committed and it will be reflected in the betterment of our people and in the consolidation of the Revolution. With the collective intelligence of our people and the guidance of Fidel and Raúl, we have always advanced and we will continue to advance. (Ship Captain of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, José Alfonso Piñeiro Loredo)


Having the opinions of the population makes our system stronger and strengthens the foundation upon which we have built our socialist society. We know that, from the clash of opinions and fruitful exchange, alternatives more attuned to current circumstances will emerge. This process demands significant changes in our mentality, only in this way will we fully assimilate the transformations. (Jorge Luis Riancho, machinist at Cuban Steel Works)

Cuban Ambassador Josefina Vidal discussed anti-Blockade resolution with Canadian Parliament members Print E-mail
In a May 30, 2018 article from Prensa Latina about Ambassador Josefina Vidal's meeting with the Canada-Cuba InterParliamentary Group on the occasion of presenting her credentials, the Ambassador proposed that the House of Commons or Senate explore passing a resolution on the US blockade

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