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Letter to National Post Print E-mail

Conrad Black's rambling sermon on the papal visit to Cuba is embarrassing in its ignorance.  The selective indignation, arrogant short-sightedness, and vituperative rhetoric are perhaps to be expected.  Worse, however, are the factual errors.

Some of Lord Black of Crossharbour's "facts" need to be corrected: Raul Castro does not consider himself a Catholic (although he did attend Catholic school in his youth); a new seminary is not "opening in Havana" (this happened in 2010); nor is the Church "about to launch Cuba's first MBA programme" (It did so last year).

Canada Must Uphold Cuba's Right to Self-determination Print E-mail

The Canadian Network on Cuba is outraged by the statement from the office of Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas and Consular Affairs), which declares that Canada - in lock step with the United States - opposes Cuba's participation in the upcoming Summit of the Americas to be held April 14-15, 2012 in Cartagena, Colombia. This arrogant statement flies in the face of the overwhelming consensus of the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean. Their expressed desire is that no Summit of the Americas can truly be legitimate if Cuba is excluded.

Friendship Medal Awarded to Elizabeth Hill Print E-mail

On February 15 at a ceremony hosted by the Cuban Friendship Institute for Friendship With the Peoples (ICAP),  Elizabeth Hill (co-chair of the Canadian Network On Cuba and an executive member of the Canada-Cuba Friendship Association-Toronto) was decorated with the Friendship Medal for her many years of valuable solidarity work with Cuba.

The Friendship Medal is granted by the Cuban Council of State of the Republic of Cuba.


Race & Revolution: Lessons from Cuba Print E-mail

A James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies Distinguished Lecture by Isaac Saney, an internationally recognized scholar on Cuba and author of the acclaimed book, "Cuba: A Revolution In Motion".

7pm, Wednesday, February 15
Room 303, Dalhousie Student Union Building
6136 University Avenue

Saney will address why Cuba has exercised such a profound hold and influence on the worldwide Black struggle for equality, freedom and self-determination. Examining the more than 53-year history of the Cuba Revolution (encompassing its successes and setbacks), Saney will discuss the meaning and relevance of Cuba for present-day struggles and imaginings of a world centred on social justice, human dignity and genuine emancipation.

A reception starting at 6pm will be held prior to the public lecture.

The James Robinson Johnston lecture series aims to create dialogue between the African Canadian community and Dalhousie University on issues that impact the African Diaspora locally, nationally and internationally. Following the mandate of the Chair to increase the profile of Black Canadian Studies, the lecture series creates bridges between the university and wider African Canadian communities.





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