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We will not renounce solidarity, the struggle for human dignity and social justice Print E-mail

Addressing the UN Summit, Cuba’s President spoke briefly and forcefully about problems affecting the world today such as the migration crisis and the concentration of wealth.

Granma - September 26, 2015 - The President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz addressed the United Nations summit on sustainable development objectives for the period 2015-2030, Saturday September 26.

Healthcare Services for the Population are Guaranteed and Continue to Develop Print E-mail

The accomplishments of Cuba’s healthcare system are the result of a political commitment, social participation and joint efforts across sectors. Development continues based on ethical training and a high level of competency among professionals

September 4, 2015 (Granma) - Just a few months ago, work carried out by Cuba’s medical brigade in efforts to combat Ebola attracted international attention and made headlines in a number of important media. The humanism and dedication of our professionals was widely noted as testimony to the solid foundation of Cuba’s National Public Health System.

Cuban Solidarity Brigade Arrives in Dominica Print E-mail

September 2, 2015 (Granma) As of 3pm on Tuesday, September 1, most of the Cuban medical personnel, construction and electrical technicians had arrived in Dominica by sea - sent in solidarity to provide help to the people of this sister nation, and make a modest contribution to recovery efforts following the devastating effects of tropical storm Erika.

Saludos a Fidel Print E-mail

On the occasion of his 89th birthday, we offer our appreciation and admiration, our thanks and fraternal love to Fidel.


On the occasion of his 89th birthday, the Canadian Network On Cuba sends its heartfelt congratulations to Fidel, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution. It is deeply humbling to have lived and witnessed Fidel's uncompromising and indefatigable dedication to justice and human dignity.


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