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Cuban and U.S. Voices Challenging Washington's War on Cuba Print E-mail

September 19, 2021
4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific
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Cuba, COVID, and Ending the U.S. Blockade: What can we do? Print E-mail

September 19, 2021
3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific
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After July 11: The Cuban Reality & U.S. Policy Under Biden Print E-mail

- U.S. Anti-Cuba Propaganda Offensive
- The World Responds
- The Battle of Ideas & Fight to defeat the U.S. Blockade

September 19, 2021
1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific
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Welcome by Ike Nahem, International US-Cuba Normalization Conference Committee


- Tamara Hansen — Canadian Network on Cuba, Vancouver Communities in Solidarity With Cuba
- Aislinn Pulley — Chicago Torture Justice Center, Founder Chicago Black Lives Matter


- Carlos Fernandez de Cossio — Director General of United States Affairs at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs; former Cuban Ambassador to Canada, South Africa

- Helen Yaffe — Leading Scholar (University of Glasgow (Scotland, UK) on Cuban history, politics, and medical and scientific advances. Author, We Are Cuba! How a Revolutionary People Have Survived in a Post-Soviet World; Che Guevara: The Economics of Revolution

Cuba reopens to Tourism Print E-mail

An Update from  the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Cuba
September 6, 2021

Taking into account the progress in the vaccination process in Cuba, its demonstrated effectiveness and the perspective that more than 90% of the entire population will conclude the vaccination schedules in November;
Conditions are being prepared to gradually open the country's borders as of November 15, 2021.

Hygienic health protocols will be made more flexible upon arrival of travelers, which will focus on monitoring symptomatic patients and taking temperature. In addition, diagnostic tests will be performed randomly, PCR will not be required upon arrival and the travelers' vaccination certificate will be recognized.

The opening of the domestic tourism market will begin gradually in accordance with the epidemiological indicators of each territory.

What’s going on in Cuba? Print E-mail

Monday 9 August, 6.30pm BST

Speakers from Cuba, Bolivia and Britain discuss recent events on the island: the misreporting, the role of US economic warfare and funding in fuelling unrest, and the urgent need for aid, solidarity and an international campaign against US intervention at this difficult and dangerous time for Cuba.

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Organized by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign UK


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