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Cuba's Science Network Online Forum concludes: No evidence of acoustic attacks on U.S. diplomats Print E-mail

-Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee, San Francisco-

Since early 2017, the U.S. Government has alleged that U.S. diplomats and family members stationed in Havana have been physically harmed by acoustic attacks aimed at the U.S. embassy and other locations.

Yet, U.S. authorities have refused to cooperate with some 2,000 Cuban researchers who engaged in intensive investigation of the alleged incidents.

Politicizing the alleged incident, the Trump administration on Oct. 2 ordered the expulsion of 15 Cuban diplomats from Washington, and reduced its U.S. embassy staff to a minimum in Havana.

On Nov. 15 and 16, more than 300 presentations of Cuban and international experts divulged their scientific findings of the investigation, in an on-line forum accessible internationally, and concluded that:

  1. There is no evidence with scientific support to ensure that acoustic attacks were carried out against US diplomats in Cuba.

  2. The symptoms described by Washington and filtered by the press do not coincide with the effects of sound on human health.

  3. The context in which the alleged incidents allegedly took place, in places guarded by the Americans themselves and without direct access to the outside, is improbable, as well as the fact that some people were specifically injured and others were not. (Granma.cu, November 17)

This unfounded accusation by the Trump government is a thinly-veiled pretext for dashing U.S.-Cuba diplomatic relations and to justify the continued U.S. blockade against Cuba. Polls show that 73% of U.S. people favor the lifting of the blockade and travel ban. Two important videos give more detail on the research and findings.

The well-documented 34-min. Cuba video is a thorough refutation of the sensationalist accusations by Washington. (Spanish/English subtitles). The 4.5 min. video features Richard Stone, the International News Editor at Science Magazine, explaining that no sonic weapon could explain the variety of symptoms reported. (English/Spanish subtitles).

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