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Raul Castro Congratulates Correa

The President of the Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, Raúl Castro, congratulated, via a missive, ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, on his presidential election last Sunday.

¨I reiterate the Cuban Government and people’s willingness to strengthen closer bonds of friendship between our countries¨, the cuban president wrote del Gobierno y pueblo cubanos de estrechar, aún más, los fraternales vínculos que nos unen”, escribió el mandatario cubano.

Correa, expressed his gratitude to his cuban counterpart, Raul Castro, on Sunday in a press conference

Dear Rafael Correa, we wolud like to congratulate you on your overwhelming victory, which is a token of irrevocable support to the Citizens' Revolution, which I rest assured it will continue to contribute to the strengthening of Latin American and Caribbean unity, highlights the message.


Fidel Castro´s Iconography

The book entitled ¨Fidel¨. Photographs, joins the already extensive iconography of the historical leader of the Revolution, with the main issue of being wonderfully edited. Its pages contain more than 100 images. The work is of the Editorial Bolona, within the Office of the Historian of Havana City, and is presented in the Book Fair Cuba 2013.


Sowing Seeds Along the Road for The Five

Three young graduates from the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, concluded a motorcycle journey from the region of the Amazon to Patagonia, spreading for over 20,000 kms. the truth of the Five Cuban heroes unjustly held in US prisons.

The project was made by the Argentines Dario Valenzuela and Milco Figueroa, and Bolivian Juan Rogelio Tola.

The leading role of the labor movement trade union movement and the workers they must play a leading role in the economic transformations that are being developed in Cuba, said Salvador Valdes, secretary general of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba CTC.


Evident Economic Plan is Pointed Out

Marino Murillo Jorge, vice president of the Council of Ministers, affirmed that the economic planification is in full force currently, and it’s even reaching international range.


At a seminar on the 50 years of the first economic plan in Cuba, Murillo added up that this is a vital management tool for the urgency that countries coordinate actions in order for there to be a close integration.


Cuba y Mozambique Strengthen Bonds in Science & Technology

Maputo. - Representatives of Mozambique and Cuba took a look at the relations of cooperation between the Ministries of Science and Technology in both countries and agreed to work in order to strengthen these bonds even more.

In the heat of a meeting with Cuban Ambassador Rafael A. Lopez Jimeno, the Minister of Science and Technology of Mozambique, Louis Augustus Mutomene Palembre, pledged to visit Cuba this year in order to know what has been achieved by the Caribbean country on scientific and technical matters.


Ukrainian Communists Bolster Cuba in its Struggle for the Lifting of the Blockade

Kiev. - The first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine (PCU), the initials by the acronym in Spanish, Petro Simonenko, acknowledged the support of that political organization to Cuba in its struggle against the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States for more than half a century.

During the talks held with the coordinator of Europe in the department of International Affairs of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba PCC, Noel Carrillo, Simonenko also called for the release of five antiterrorist Cubans unjustly sentenced in the United States.


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