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Caricatures by One of Cuban Five to Be Exhibited in Canada

Ottawa, Jan 15 (Prensa Latina) The exhibit of caricatures Humor from my Pen, by Gerardo Hernández, one of the five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters unfairly held in US prisons since 1998, will be opened for the first time as of January 24th in Québec.

They are images that speak for themselves, according to a communiqué received today in Prensa Latina.

The exhibit, also to be taken to schools and universities, is part of actions in Canada for the release of Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez, internationally known as The Cuban Five.

Organizers of the initiative include the Confederation of Canadian Unions, the Quebec-Cuba Solidarity Coordination table and the Fabio Di Celmo Solidarity Committee, aimed at raising awareness about the case of these men, who were detained in Miami for monitoring violent anti-Cuban groups.

After a biased trial plagued with irregularities, the Cuban Five were given harsh sentences ranging from 15 years to two life plus 15 years.

René González, who served his sentence, was punished with an additional three years of supervised release in US territory


Eusebio Leal  to Speak on national Hero at International Conference

HAVANA, Cuba , Jan 14 (acn) Havana City Historian Eusebio Leal will make an intervention on Martí, his view of time and the world in which he lived, and the big news which represented the creation of a party to lead the war, during the Third International Conference for World Equilibrium.

The Historian of Havana and Professor Emeritus said to ACN, that the meeting, to run from January 28 to 30, will be on the relationship between geography and development from the perspective of Martí´s thinking, and the gaze of the Apostle on Cuba in the nineteenth century.

It shall also, he added, dwell on the meaning it had the foundation of the first political organization, the Cuban Revolutionary Party, to organize the armed struggle, what we would call today a war of national liberation.

Leal shall also talked about the significance it had the foundation for the first time of a political organization, the Cuban Revolutionary Party, to rule the armed struggle, what we would call today, he said, a war of national liberation .

He will also state the reasons that led to the emergence of this important organization, from the conclusions José Martí arrived at on the failure of the Ten Years' War, which began in 1868, and his analysis of the causes and factors that led to it, Leal said.

Leal will also try the early death of the Apostle, a fact that  deprived Cubans of his leadership, because as someone once said, "chance plays a role in history, but you have always to leave a space to random to get back on track later. "

Martí, through his long vision, could anticipate that fact and realized that, in that terrible dilemma of life, "his thought would still be useful and even if he were more or less muffled for some time, he would reborn later with greater force ."

The 3rd International Conference for World Equilibrium will be held in the Palace of Conventions in Havana.

This event, a universal tribute to Cuba's national hero by the 160th anniversary of his birth, will be attended by more than 600 delegates from over 40 countries, among which are important Cuban and foreign personalities.


Cholera Outbreak in Havana Practically Extinguished

Havana, Jan 15 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Public Health Ministry stated today that the cholera outbreak in the capital is practically extinguished.

This was made possible, first, through the permanent vigilance and responsiveness of the Cuban health system, says a note released today in Granma newspaper.

The text states that as of Sunday, January 13, the medical monitoring system detected a rise in diarrheal diseases in the municipality of Cerro and later in other areas of the capital.

A group of patients had symptoms and signs that gave rise to the suspicion of cholera, leading to the activation of measures envisaged in the anti-cholera plan, with all necessary means and resources dedicated to its implementation.

Microbiological analysis conducted by the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute (IPK) determined that the causative agent was enterotoxigenic bacteria Vibrio Cholerae O1 serotype Ogawa Tor, according to the document which confirmed around 51 cases to date.

According to epidemiological assessments, the cholera originated with a food vendor; an asymptomatic carrier of the disease which was acquired during outbreaks previously reported in other regions of the country.

The note from the Public Health Ministry reiterates the need for increased attention to hygiene, especially related to handwashing, ingestion of chlorinated water, cleaning and cooking of food, all essential for good health


Cuban Praise to the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 14 (acn) Once again, the Misa Cubana a la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre (Cuban Mass to the Virgin of la Caridad del Cobre), a piece by renowned composer Jose Maria Vitier, dedicated to Cuba’s patron saint, was enthusiastically applauded and received standing ovations by those who had the privilege of witnessing such singular praise.

The concert, held on Sunday at the capital’s Teatro Nacional, directed by Vitier himself, was the close of his tour of several of the island’s eastern provinces, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the appearance of the Virgin’s image.

Accompanying the Cuban maestro for his presentation was the Exaudi Choir, Havana’s Soloists Chamber Orchestra, and special guests like singers Augusto Enriquez and Amaury Perez.

A special moment was also the premiere of Al pie de tus altars (At the foot of your altars), a theme not included in the Mass that, with lyrics by Vitier, was sung by Liuba Maria Hevia.

The public present at the Covarrubias Hall enjoyed the interpretations of sopranos Maria Felicia Perez and Barbara Llanes -the latter in her performance of Ave Maria por Cuba (Hail Mary for Cuba), who, accompanied on the piano by Vitier, dazzled participants in the concert.

The Misa Cubana a la Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre was premiered at Old Havana’s Cathedral in 1996, and its first recording won the Grand Prize of Cubadisco -Cuba’s International Record Fair and Contest-, two years later.


FARC-EP Call on Colombian Government for Speed and Commitment

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 14 (acn) The peace delegation of the Colombian Revolutionary Army Forces-People’s Army (FARC-EP) called on the Colombian government to expedite the analysis of the agreements signed at the negotiating table and to have greater commitment towards facing social problems.

When resuming the talks in Havana with representatives of the Santos Administration, Ivan Marquez, head of the FARC-EP negotiating team urged the other side to stop the war rhetoric and come out with feasible solutions.

The government must show its willingness to move forward, putting clear proposals on the table that show Colombians that the government will not extent indefinitely the implementation of solutions to a major problem like the division of land into large estates and the violent dispossession of land, he said.

Marquez introduced as well a document named “Ten proposals for a policy of rural and comprehensive agrarian development with a territorial approach” made as a result of the citizen forums held in Colombia which will be revealed in this new cycle of talks.

These proposals include the eradication of large estates, the nationalization of the land, the acknowledgement of collective land for the different communities and also the stimulus to rural economy and the revision of all kinds of free trade regulations among other issues


Migration Law Changes Come into Force Today in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 14 (acn) The changes on the Cuban migration law announced last October come into force today, in order to ease migration in a legal, orderly and safe way, while strengthening the relations between Cuba and its émigrés.

The updating of the law takes place under the premise that they are measures approved for a sovereign decision of the Cuban government and don’t answer to any pressure, Granma newspaper reported.

The new regulations, announced on October 16, include the elimination of the application procedure for exit permits to travel abroad and a waiver of the requirement for a letter of invitation from a foreign host.

Cubans now will only need a valid passport and a visa for the country they wish to travel to.

The law extends the time citizens may be out of the country without losing their status as residents, from 11 to 24 months and makes it possible for those under 18 years of age to leave the country, as long as they have prior authorization from their parents or legal representatives.

In the case of Cubans who have emigrated definitively, they will be able to visit Cuba for up to 90 days, 60 more than previously established. The causes for repatriation were also extended, as in the case of those who left Cuba before the age of 16, and also to take humanitarian reasons into account.

The Cuban government has also decided to normalize the temporary entry of those who left the country illegally after the 1994 immigration accords with the United States, as long as eight years have passed since their departure.

Regarding health and sports professionals who left the country after 1990, they may visit the country after eight years since their departure, unless they left through the Guantanamo Naval Base, due to concerns about defense and national security.


Cuba to Present New Texts in Braille at International Book Fair

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 14 (acn) The cultural recreational center of the National Association of the Blind works on the production of new texts in Braille for the Cuba 2013 International Book Fair scheduled for February.

Anecdotas del Che, by Orlando Borrego; Adios Muchachos, by National Literature Prize winner Daniel Chavarria, one of the authors to which the Fair will be dedicated; Cuentos de Eva Luna, by Isabel Allende; and Relatos de la Abuela Celima, by Celima Bernal, are among these works.

There will also be titles by blind authors, like Danaisa Rojas, with her poetry book Vigas de Invierno; Yesenia Smith, with an educational manual on computing for the blind; and Jose Miguel Ramos, with Dos Mitades de un Todo.


Cuban Tourism Minister Attends Opening of Emblematic Hotel

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 14 (acn) Manuel Marrero Cruz, Cuban Minister of Tourism, attended the reopening of the Ordoño Hotel, a facilty that underwent a complex restoration process, in the coastal town of Gibara in the eastern province of Holguin.

Marrero confirmed that from the returning to operations of this hotel, Gibara has a real chance of becoming a municipality that can make tourism its main economic activity.

The Ordoño will be operated by the Encanto Hotels chain, which throughout the country gives way to the most authentic cultural identity.


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