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Danny Glover Defends Cuban Five Case at US University

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 22 (ACN) Renowned US actor Danny Glover defended the cause of the five Cubans held in the United States, during a panel at the Howard University, in Washington.

Glover, also known for his social justice activism, addressed the case of Gerardo Hernandez, who is meeting a double life sentence plus 15 years at a federal prison in Victorville, California. Glover called Gerardo his brother.

He said every visit he pays to Hernandez in prison instills him energy and capacity only after having been with him for four to six hours, according to a release by the UN National Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five cited by PL news agency.

Committee coordinator Gloria la Riva exposed the antecedents of the case of the five Cubans and she explained that Gerardo Hernandez, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and René Gonzalez defended their country from terrorist attacks.

The Five were victims of political persecution unleashed by the US administration, said la Riva.

The panel was attended by some 200 Law students and professor at the university, as well as by other people interested in the case, particularly African Americans.

Among the speakers was defense attorney for the Five Martin Garbus who referred to the wrongdoings of the US government, which paid journalists in Miami to influence the jury and have the Five convicted.

Meanwhile, ex-colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who headed the cabinet of former secretary of State Colin Powel between 2002 and 2005, denounced the serious injustice committed with the Five since they were arrested on September 12, 1998.

A message sent to the forum by Antonio Guerrero read that if they could sum up in just one phrase what has kept them in prison through all these years, it would read: it was the use of silence to hide injustice.

We were absolutely justified to secretly act against the counterrevolutionary groups that organized and keep organizing terrorist actions against Cuba from the United States, said Guerrero, who was resentenced in 2009 to a 21-prison term plus 10 years and a five-year probation.


Forum of Solidarity with Palestine

The Cuban Chapter of the World-Social Forum for a Free Palestine will be held in Havana next Friday with the main aim of propelling acts of solidarity campaigning for the liberation of the palestinian people, and the participation of many institutions Duch as the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP, acronym in Spanish language),

The Organization of Solidarity with Peoples from Asia, Africa and Latin America, the Cuban Movement for Peace, the Martín Luther King Center,  a sprawling representation of members of political parties and movements, and ALBA Cultural House, which is going to be the venue of the event.

The encounter is going to be held prior to the world edition of Porto Alegre, Brazil, that is scheduled from November 28th to December 1st.

According to the call, the forum is also geared toward creating the conciousness about the dramatic humanitarian situation of the palestine people and to campaign for the acknowledgement from the UN of Palestine as a State.


Children Theater Company Performs for Sandy Victims

HOLGUIN, Cuba, Nov 22 (ACN) The Cuban children theater company “La Colmenita” is on a tour of several territories affected by hurricane Sandy in this eastern province, where the kids bring their solidarity through their performances for the storm victims.

UNICEF Good Will ambassador, La Colmenita performed on Wednesday at the communities of Lirios and Baguanos, areas ravaged by Sandy in late October. They will continue their tour of other territories on Thursday.

Company director Carlos Alberto Cremata told reporters that his group will visit different Holguin municipalities. After the passage of the storm, solidarity makes its way. This is the message that the children bring to Holguin, which along Santiago de Cuba province, was hard hit by Sandy.

La Colmenita arrived in Holguin after a successful tour of Quintana Roo, Mexico, where they performed a play inspired in National Hero Jose Marti.

The children theater company was founded in 1990 to encourage the development of human values through artistic creation and to send a message of solidarity through theater plays. The company currently has branches in Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Argentina and Spain.


Physicians in Favor of The Five Arrive in Bolivia as part of their South American Tour

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 21 (acn) Graduates from Havana’s Latin American Medical School (ELAM) arrived in Bolivia on Wednesday, a new stop in their tour of several countries to support the cause of the five Cuban heroes unfairly condemned in the United States for fighting terrorism.

Argentineans Dario Valenzuela and Milko Figueroa, along with Bolivian Juan Tola, are covering a route by motorcycle throughout South America, inspired by the one performed by Ernesto Che Guevara and Alberto Granado in 1952.

The three motorcyclists, after graduating from the ELAM in 2009, traveled to Venezuela to study the specialty of General Medicine, and left from there in June to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, from where they arrived in Bolivia on Wednesday. Their purpose is to offer updated information on the Cuban antiterrorist fighters and on the legal violations they have suffered in their respective trials.

These youngsters plan to stay in Bolivian territory for 39 days and visit historic places, particularly those linked to Che.


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