News on Cuba - November 15, 2012 Print

The President of Haiti Assesses Cuban Cooperation

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 14 (acn)  Michell Martelly, President of Haiti, analyzed with Cuban ambassador Ricardo Garcia the development of cooperation with that country, where Cuban physicians have performed over 300,000 surgeries since 1998.

Martelly and Garcia spoke about the aid given by Cuba, the physicians of which have already attended about 150,000 labors, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

As part of health cooperation, almost 20 million Haitians have been seen by Cuban physicians since the beginning of that cooperation, on the occasion of Hurricane George in 1998.

During his conversation with Garcia, Martelly offered his condolences for the deaths caused by the passage of Hurricane Sandy through eastern Cuba, and expressed his solidarity with the victims.

The Cuban diplomat reiterated his country’s willingness to maintain its help to the fraternal people, which also includes the spheres of education, agriculture, fishery, and the iron and steel industry.

A total of 150,000 over 15 year-olds have already been taught how to read and write with the Cuban method “Yes, I Can," put into practice in Haiti since 2009.

Another 300,000, in three stages of four months each, should graduate by way of that method in 2013, in order to gradually decrease the country’s pure or functional illiteracy rate, which is more than 50% of the Haitian population, one of the highest of Latin America and the Caribbean.


Santos Grateful to Cuba for its Support for Peace in Colombia

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 14 (acn) Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos expressed on Wednesday his gratitude towards Cuba’s support for the realization of the peace talks agreed with the rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-Army of the People. (FARC-EP).

The South American head of state, which is on a visit to Lisbon, Portugal, said: "I want to thank Cuba for being a host and because it has helped us a lot for these agreements."

He added that the way the island has cooperated deserves their acknowledgement and gratitude, the AFP news agency reported.

On August 26, in this capital, representatives of the FARC-EP and the Colombian government signed the general agreement for the end of the conflict and the construction of a stable and lasting peace, as a result of secret contacts previously held here.

Havana was selected by the two parties as permanent venue for negotiations, which were agreed on to begin on Thursday but were postponed for Monday, November 19, with the purpose of finalizing details of the mechanisms of citizen participation, according to a joint communique issued on Wednesday.

These peace talks have wide international consensus as well as in Colombia, since they open the possibility of a political way out to the current situation, aggravated in the 1980s.


Editors of US Medical Magazines Speak with Cubans

CIENFUEGOS, Cuba, Nov 14 (acn) Editors from over a dozen medical magazines from the United States spoke on Tuesday with workers of the Dr. Gustavo Aldereguia Lima University General Hospital of Cienfuegos.

The foreign visitors showed their interest in primary health care in Cuba, family and preventive medicine, and in the access to scientific information published on the Internet.

They were also given details about the results that allowed this hospital to obtain the category of collaborator of the World Health Organization in December, 2009.

Likewise, the US editors invited Cuban physicians to contribute to the publications they represent.

Dyana Valentine, editor of the Global Journal of Community Psychology in New York, said she was impressed by the island’s system of medical assistance, the results of which she was acquainted with, but that she hadn’t had the possibility to speak with its professionals directly.  She also expressed her satisfaction with her visit to a country that is a world leader in health promotion.

Gail Reed, representative on the island of the Medic Review magazine, expressed her interest in knowing more about quality management at medical institutions and ways to collect information on the opinion of patients.

Composed of university professors, nurses, librarians and health professionals from several US states, the brigade also visited the Heroes de Playa Giron Ambulatory Specialized Center in Cienfuegos.


Ecuador Praises and Purchases Cuban Medicament Heberprot-P

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 14 (acn) Doris Herrera, national director for Collective Health Strategies in Ecuador, described the epidermal growth factor of the Cuban medicament Heberprot-P to treat diabetic foot ulcers as the best in the world.

The Ecuadorian government invested over three million dollars in the purchase of 9,000 doses of the medicament, which will make it possible to treat 500 patients in eight provinces, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

The announcement coincided with World Diabetes Day, a disease suffered by 347 million people around the world and that is the main cause of death among Ecuadorians, in addition to causing them close to 700 ulcers in their lower limbs annually.

The medicament has received numerous prizes and 20 nations are now waiting to sign contracts for it purchase, among them Brazil, which plans to import it in 2013.


Havana: Once Again the Capital of Cinema

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 14 (acn) The 34th edition of Havana’s International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, to be held in this capital from December 4th through the 14th, will turn Havana once again into the capital of the so-called seventh art.

During a press conference, Alfredo Guevara, founder and president of the Festival, informed that over 50 materials from 46 countries will take part in the competition, in the categories of feature films, shorts, first works and documentaries, among others.

Guevara announced that on this occasion the meeting will pay tribute to the centennial of the birth of Cuban painter Mariano Rodriguez, of Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni and of Puerto Rico’s cinematography.