Cuban Economy Minister Reports to Union Leaders on Economic Situation Print

Cuban Economy and Planning Minister Marino Murillo reported on the current economic situation and the measures implemented to the participants at the 86th Plenary of the Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC) on October 31 in Havana.

Murillo gave details about the investments underway in the country. He lashed some that are causing Cuba to immobilize resources, and assured that the new plan includes only those that were well prepared.

The Minister said there is a disproportionate relation between the average salary and productivity, which translates in society distributing goods faster that it produces them.

There are more people employed in the service sector than in the productive one, an “occupational structure that doesn’t allow any economy to work properly” he said.

“The new measures aim at suppressing undue gratuities and excessive subsidies; removing unnecessary burdens from the State; reducing bloated payrolls and increasing work productivity.”

Murillo added that these measures will allow the government to make the necessary changes in salaries and retirement pensions.

He defined how the adjustments to bloated payrolls must be done, which will include redesigning them according to availability based on proven suitability and to implement work and salary treatment for workers that will become available for other positions.

He spoke of the increase of the self-employment possibilities and the new tax system.

(Cuban News Agency)