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CTV Network's "W5" Joins Anti-Cuba Diatribe Print E-mail

- Isaac Saney, National Spokesperson, Canadian Network On Cuba -

The Canadian Network on Cuba informs you that in addition to the Toronto Star's malicious disinformation campaign on Cuba in conjunction with the Miami Herald's Spanish edition, CTV's "W5" has also joined the scurrilous campaign of outright deception based on bogus sources. A lead item presented by Victor Malarek on the program "W-5" on Saturday March 16, presented Cuba as a "paradise for sex tourists," a veritable smorgasbord for paedophiles. The "big exposé" itself was a collaborative effort involving the Canadian Border Services Agency, The Toronto Star, and even Juan O. Tamayo, a CIA asset touted as a reporter with The Miami Herald. Neither the Miami Herald nor its reporter Tamayo are credible sources when it comes to Cuba. It is known that for decades The Herald has been a U.S.-backed mouthpiece for the Cuban counter-revolutionary mafia based in south Florida. As for Tamayo, he was "outed" as a CIA asset years ago by veteran Quebec journalist Jean-Guy Allard.

Long Live Hugo Chavez! Print E-mail

The Canadian Network on Cuba on behalf of all its member organizations expresses its heartfelt  condolences to the people of Venezuela on the loss their beloved president and leader Hugo Chávez Frías. Hugo Chávez was a steadfast fighter for self-determination, social justice, independence and internationalism. His vision and politics went beyond the boundaries of Venezuela to encompass the struggle for dignity not only in Latin America and the Caribbean but for the entire world.  Hugo Chavez may have passed on but the ideals that his life embodied live on.

We express our deepest sympathy to his family, friends, comrades and loved ones. As the peoples of Venezuela and the world absorb this hard blow, this immense loss, we are confident that they will able to meet any challenge on the path to create a country and world as envisioned by Hugo Chávez a nation and planet fit for humanity.

Long Live the Memory of Hugo Chávez Frías!

On behalf of the Canadian Network On Cuba
Isaac Saney
Co-chair & National Spokesperson


Volunteer in Cuba Print E-mail

Join the 2013 Che Guevara Work Brigade

Canadian Brigadistas in Cuba

  • Spend three weeks in Cuba doing agricultural or other work alongside Cubans
  • Connect with Cubans to learn from each other
  • Gain a personal and intimate understanding of Cuba’s achievements and resistance
Cuba and Southern African Liberation: The Unknown Story Print E-mail

Sandy - A poem by Keith Ellis Print E-mail



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