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Speech by Nelson Mandela at the Moncada Rally in Mantanzas, Cuba, July 26, 1991 Print E-mail

After 27-years of imprisonment by the racist/fascist apartheid system, Nelson Mandela chose Cuba as the first country outside of Africa to visit. During that visit he delivered the following speech outlining Cuba's decisive contribution to the South African liberation struggle.

Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013: Friend of Cuba Print E-mail


Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013: Friend of Cuba

The Canadian Network On Cuba sends the deepest condolences on the death of Nelson Mandela to his family and to the people of South Africa. Mandela made many sacrifices in the fight against apartheid, but when he became South Africa's president he never sacrificed his friendship with those countries that had stood with the South African people during their long and arduous struggle for freedom, especially Cuba. Cuba was the first country outside of Africa that Mandela visited after he was released from 27-years of imprisonment. Nelson Mandela's friendship with and admiration for Fidel Castro was forged in Cuba's crucial contribution to the dismantling of the racist South African regime, particularly the 1987-88 battle of Cuito Cuanavale in Angola. This decisive defeat of the racist South African armed forces played a critical role in bringing apartheid to an end. As South Africa and the world marks the passing of this profound symbol of the struggle for equality and justice, Cuba also says farewell to one of its best friends.

For a historical contextualization of Nelson Mandela's friendship with Fidel Castro.


Message from the Five Heroes Print E-mail

To the conscience of the world and the U.S. people:

FIFTEEN years ago today, September 12, 1998, the brutality of five simultaneous arrests burst into our homes to initiate one of the most shameful chapters of U.S. legal history: the trial of those of us today known as The Five.

The arrest and trial of The Five will remain in history as one of the most ignominious and vile episodes of relations between the United States and Cuba.


-Canadian Network On Cuba, September 12, 2013 -

15 Years ago, on September 12th 1998, Five heroic Cubans were arrested and imprisoned for defending their country from terrorism. This was their only crime: preventing terrorist attacks launched against Cuba from Florida with the tacit complicity of the United States’ government. These attacks have claimed more than 1,400 victims since 1959. The Five Heroes were detained in Miami and given harsh sentences – ranging from 15-years to two-life sentences.


International symposium on Cuba’s role in ending apartheid in South Africa
September 27 & 28, University of Toronto

"The Cuban people hold a special place in the hearts of the people of Africa. The Cuban internationalists have made a contribution to African independence, freedom and justice unparalleled for its principled and selfless character.”
- Nelson Mandela, July 26th , 1991 –


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